The client is the components that can connect to a broker is order to subscribe to consume events, and send messages in order to produce events.


import { BrokerClientFactory } from '@pequehq/smb-client';

const idOne = await clientOne.connect({ connectionTimeout: 10000 });
const idTwo = await clientTwo.connect({ connectionTimeout: 10000 });

console.log(`Client One ID: ${idOne}`, `Client Tow ID: ${idTwo}`);

clientOne.subscribe('^topic', (command) => console.log(command.action.message));

clientTwo.message('topic', { test: 'message topic' });
clientTwo.message('topic_other', { test: 'messate topic_other' });


Command Description
subscribe It subscribes the client to a specific topic or a RegEx topic pattern
unsubscribe It unsubscribes the client from a specific topic or a RegEx topic pattern
message It sends payload to a specific topic
publish A broadcast receive from the broker