Subscriptions are fields which use a different paradigm to resolve compared to the queries. Instead of getting a one time result, the subscription will ask the server to subscribe to real-time data (like streaming), and the client will receive data as soon as new data is made available by the subscription resolver.

Subscriptions are methods of a Resolver class decorated with @Subscription().


The @Subscription() decorator supports parameters defined by the ISubscriptionOptions interface.

Options Description Required
name The name of the subscription in the SDL schema subscription type. If not specified, the name is assumed to be the method's name. No

Example usage

ID id
String name
String surname
User! userInserted
import { Resolver, Subscription } from '@pequehq/graphql';
import { PubSubService } from '../your/services';
import { User } from '../your/dto'

class ExampleResolver {
  constructor(private pubSub: PubSubService) {}

  userInserted(): User {
    return this.pubSub.asyncIterator('userInserted');

Pub Sub

The PubSub pattern is well explained in Apollo documentation.

Please note that the basic PubSub implementation provided by the lib graphql-subscriptions is not suitable for production environments because it only supports a single server (in-memory), and it should be replaced by one of the available PubSub subclasses. Read more here.